Optical Illusions About Our Space


According to the project plan agreed at the outset with our builder, Week 10 was when we should have reached one-third of the way through the whole project.

At first glance, the status did not look hugely different to our previous visit around 10 days earlier. However, when checking the details back to the project plan, progress thus far is spookily close to the planned schedule! Ground-floor brick, block and flooring slab work had all been completed and works have begun on the first floor, with more than 50% of the upstairs brickwork complete and the floor structure in place.

One benefit over the previous visits which we quickly realised was that downstairs it was now a bit easier to visualise the individual room dimensions, as many of the dividing wall frames had gone in. Several people have commented that we will not be able to get a good feel for the actual room size until the final plastering is done and that, until then, we will suffer from optical illusions confusing our minds about the room size.

We had definitely suffered that in the previous weeks – every room looked signficiantly smaller than expected much to our disappointment. Although with the dividing frames in place the rooms are definitely easier to visualise, but optical illusions are still rife. For example, our short-lived excitement of better than expected ceiling height was quickly dismissed by Zed, our builder, when he reminding us that we were actually standing around 10cm below where the final finished and installed room floor would be!

The photo has been taken from just inside the Reception Room, looking directly back into the rest of the house. So immediately behind the pretty cool looking industrial strength Makita Radio (apparently they can withstand rain for up to 5 minutes and being dropped by up to a metre!) is the downstairs cloakroom, followed by the L-shaped Utility Room, then Playroom and finally our Family Lounge.


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