Hello! We are Kasia, Amer & baby Zayn.

We moved from a small flat in Chelsea to a little old coach house in Surrey in 2014. Zayn arrived a couple of weeks later and so began the story of our full scale renovation.

The renovation has become a full-time job (along with bringing up Zayn and earning a crust) and we have already learned so much. We started to write this blog to have somewhere we could collate, save and share our experiences. We hope that sharing some of those experiences might also help you if you are considering your own renovation.

Your thoughts and experiences are very welcome and indeed sought after – we learn something new every day!


PERSQM is a UK home renovation blog with a growing audience. If you are new to our website, then please click the image below to read how and why our project started.


We hope you enjoy reading about our experiences … and we hope some of those can help you too. We would love to hear from you about your own experiences and tips and will always endeavour to respond to comments as soon as we can. We are still learning and progressing so feel free to pass on your wisdom for steps that we have not yet reached.

We are very happy to give details on the products, colours and suppliers featured on our website – we know how frustrating it can be to see something you love only not to be able to get the details of how or where get it. So please do feel free to ask.

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We occasionally work with selected brands on sponsored posts, including from time-to-time acceptance of pre-written posts as well as incorporating a brand’s message into one of our posts if we feel our readers will find it  interesting and useful within the concept of our website. All commercial posts are flagged up as such and we are confident our readers will enjoy those articles just as much as other posts.

We accept a limited number of products and services for review and only if we consider that the products or service would be of interest to our readers. We will always give an honest and unbiased review of such products, service or trip and all reviews will be made clear. Email us if you would like to discuss a review. Any posts about products and services that do not mention that the product was promoted by the brand are natural organic posts which have been written simply because we loved the product.

Thank you!

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