Dealing With Those We Forgot To Finish With


Earlier today, we received a phone call from one of the kitchen suppliers we had considered using but subsequently turned down.

To be completely honest, we had not turned them down actually. We had just become so busy and caught up in the multitude of different tasks that we had forgotten to turn them down and focused instead on our preferred supplier.

Imagine our embarrassment then, when the phone rang and the caller announced themselves as ringing to follow up on our experience of their showroom. Gulp! Oooops, just realised we never said “no thank you” before moving on to the alternative supplier. This company had actually been very professional and helpful during our two visits and it had only been a matter of personal preferences that had meant we had decided to progress elsewhere. We had basically decided to go down the handmade English kitchen route instead of the much more contemporary, flat, German style kitchen.

Thankfully it was a marketing call from head office, not the actual designer who we had forgotten to politely turn down. The least we could do was agree to go through their survey. We spent 10 minutes answering all their questions as openly and honestly as we could and then thanked them for their help. But it was clear that the call was from an unrelated marketing agent. The person who had actually helped us and spent time had still not received a thank you from us directly. So, as I write this post, I decided to also send him (Andrew) an email explaining and apologising about our sudden disappearance.

Dear Andrew

I would like to begin by apologising to you. We have been so busy since March (moved out of our house to allow the full renovation to commence), focusing on a 101 various things to do with the build etc etc etc … that put quite simply, we made a decision to progress down the other kitchen option we had been considering and just never got around to informing you and thanking you for your professionalism and advice during our two meetings!

We received a marketing call from your head office today to follow up, and that reminded me that this email was long overdue.

Thank you again for your help, and apologies for not saying that earlier. I am sure you had already assumed our alternative plans well before this email, but the thanks from us to you was of course outstanding. We let your office know that everything we saw from you was very high quality indeed, it was just a matter of overall style of the brand versus another (English hand-made in-frame designs) which fitted our taste and requirements better.

Best wishes for the future – I could see how busy you were back then soon after starting, I am sure you have only got busier!



Good Karma. Makes one calmer.

Ps. for those of you looking for a German style kitchen, even though that is not the style we opted for in the end, we can highly recommend Andrew from Siematic Kitchens. He is very professional and skilled at design and a thoroughly nice chap!


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