One Month At A Time


It’s been another month since our last post – as you may recall our planning officer was about to disappear on holidays the last time we posted.

We sent him a polite follow up email yesterday, when he should have been back in the office from his holidays and hopefully in a good mood. He replied today.

Apologies for not coming back to you sooner. I have received the additional plans and information and will be writing up the report this week with a recommendation for approval. The application can be presented to the chair who will decide whether it needs to go to committee or can be decided at officer level. I aim to finish the report before Friday. The chair is currently on holiday though but I understand is back in the first week of September so we should be able to get the chair to look at the application then. I will update next week.

Andrew, Local Authority Planning Officer

A recommendation for approval! Great news! And then the less great news that it may need further approvals and that those people were on holiday.

Was this process ever going to end? It has now been over 6 months since the acceptance of our planning application. It is supposed to take 2 months at most to get a decision. So far we had had to wait three times as long as the longest it might take according to the government’s guidelines. And we had just been informed that we would need to wait an undetermined amount of time longer still.

Has anyone else suffered such an extended delay to their planning permission?


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