Oxfam Saves The Day!


On the way to house for an unplanned visit today after visiting some family in the area … looked down and saw that I had one of my favourite pairs of nice shoes on!

asda-george-shoesThe state of the site with rubble, mud and sharp edges all over the place was definitely not going to be a friendly
environment for these soft leather loafers! But I was loathed to buy a new pair of shoes.

A quick visit to the local Oxfam saved the day (and my precious shoes). A brand new pair of Asda’s George trainers which had been donated to the shop were on the shelf for £15. Bargain! I was surprised to see that actually there were actually more pairs of new shoes on the shelves than used.

Off we went to site and walked around carefree. It was only later on that I actually found out that the same shoes are on sale in Asda for £12, which made me laugh. Good on Oxfam for making a bit more money for their good causes.

These shoes will now stay in the boot of the car for future such ’emergencies’.



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