Summer Holidays – For The Planning Officer Not Us!


The Planning Officer visited for the second time this morning. He was a bit friendlier than last time around!

He seemed satisfied with our analysis on the overshadowing issue and we had offered the standard compromise of translucent windows to resolve the issue of overlooking.

Our main question was on how much longer we might have to wait. There seemed to be some hesitation in his response and he talked about whether the decision could be approved by him and his manager alone or whether it would need to go to the Committee Chairman for  review and then whether it would need to be presented to a Committee that only met every two weeks. He also mentioned summer holidays were of course approaching for many staff and that may cause extra delays.

Overall it was sugar and salt! He seemed satisfied by our responses to all the outstanding issues. But he also appeared to be hinting at quite a long timetable ahead due to the various other people who may need to get involved and their (lack of) availability.

We were left wondering where we were in the planning approval process. Which was nothing new to us.

As the planning officer was leaving he sweetened our mood a little: “I hope you can see, I am minded to agree with your proposals” … this was amazing news! Then he said “oh and I’m off on holiday for the next two weeks from tomorrow, so probably will not be able to progress anything until I am back” … not so amazing news!


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