The Earlier Indication Was Wrong!


We just received another email from Andrew, the local authority planning officer asking us to ignore his earlier email!

Please ignore my earlier email. I have since revisited with the lead officer the need for this application to be referred to the chair. It transpires that it does not need to go to the chair as there are less than 10 objections and CAAC [Conservation Area Advisory Committee] have not objected. Therefore I will finalise the report and ask the lead officer to review and sign off by Friday.

Andrew, Local Authority Planning Officer

We didn’t quite know how to react. Was this email official confirmation that we would receive our approval this Friday? It certainly sounded like it.

We were over the moon! (Even if the time it had taken for us to get here was longer than the Apollo 11 crew had actually taken to¬†train and travel to moon and back…).


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