The Waiting Game (Part 4)


There was only one week left before the council’s own planning decision deadline ran out and we had still not heard anything at all from them.

We chased our architect at the beginning of the day. Peter was as perplexed as we were. He thought it must be because the office was understaffed and mentioned the option available to complain to the Ombudsman if the 8 week timeframe was missed. He was pretty sure it would be missed as the planning officer had not made any contact at all as yet and so there had been no discussion and no arrangement of a site visit but only one week to go until the deadline for a decision to be made.

The excitement we had felt when our very thoroughly considered planning application was submitted at the end of February had long since waned and now we were just tired of waiting. We needed to hear something about how our application had been received and what chances we had of getting approval for some or all of our proposals. We needed to hear something … anything!

Things were beginning to look bleak.


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