The Waiting Game (Part 5)


The council’s own deadline of 5 May 2015 has come and passed without any contact at all. We can’t quite believe it!

Neither we nor our architect had still heard anything at all from the planning department since our submission had been accepted as valid from 24 February 2015. At that time the council had told us to expect a final decision by 5 May 2015 and this deadline had of course been missed.

What was particularly disappointing, even more so than the promised deadline being completely missed (by some margin, as not even the site visit has been requested as yet), was the fact that we were not even contacted and apologised to for this delay.

We discussed the options to appeal but Peter explained that in reality all we would be doing is immediately putting the local planning authority process on hold (from whatever, if any, stage it had reached) to start a new lengthy and detailed process of investigation and appeal with the Ombudsman. And he further explained that crucially none of that would necessarily improve our chances or speed of approval. So in essence, even though the promised deadline had been completely missed, it did not actually mean anything other than frustration to us.

It looks like the tortoise is not travelling slowly but completely asleep. What can we do now other than continue to wait?


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