Where It All Began…


If you have not visited the diary of our home renovation before, then we would recommend you start here!

In 2013, we were living in a very pleasant roof-terrace flat in Chelsea, London just up the road from the popular party venue Brinkley’s Bar & Restaurant on Hollywood Road, SW10.

A couple of days after we had been enjoying the above view of London’s spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks from our terrace to celebrate the arrival of 2014, my partner walked in whilst I was lying on the bed still getting over the excesses of Christmas and New Year.

“I’m pregnant.”

This was announced in her matter-of-fact Polish style but I could sense the slight hesitation and trepidation in what my response might be to such a statement.

She needn’t have worried. I was instantly the classic over-reacting father-to-be, going from disbelief and wonder to joy and excitement before jumping up, kissing and hugging her and then, stepping back, urgently wondering what she was doing standing up and not resting?! The pregnancy is of course another story all together but I mention it here as it was the kick-starter that led us to this home renovation.

House Hunting

Before long we realised that what had been a wonderful roof-terrace flat of a period conversion town house in trendy Chelsea was fast becoming, in our parents-to-be minds, a pending nightmare of a five-storey walk up, narrow corridors, little storage, difficult parking, not to mention the dangers of the beautiful little roof-terrace we had come to love, summer or winter!


It was time to start house hunting. And house hunt we did. From Chelsea to Guildford and almost everywhere in between. We never started the process looking for a ‘project house’ but certainly ended up buying one. Read about our experiences of house hunting in London and Surrey here.


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